Collection: Mini Wellbeing Series

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The perfect gift when you want to give a little something.
Our Mini Wellbeing Series candles are luxurious, meaningful and affordable. Created to encourage, uplift and inspire. The raw crystal in the candle promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Affirmations to empower. Essential oils to invoke love, peace and joy. 
They are beautiful on their own or add a white gloss gift bag, cello wrap or a glass dome and white gift box to complete the gift experience. The glass domes look gorgeous and protect the candle from dust and dirt, and preserve the oils from evaporating.
Be mindful: The glass dome is for displaying your candle only. Do not burn the candle on the wooden base or place the glass dome over the candle when it is lit or warm. Only use the dome when the candle has completely cooled, and the wax has set.