Collection: Wellbeing Series

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Wellbeing Series I Inspires wellness of body, mind and spirit.
Sitting alongside the ever popular Chakra Series the Wellbeing Series is all about the crystals!
Harness the healing energy and vibration of the crystals to promote wellbeing and balance: physically, emotionally and spiritually. The oils calm and soothe, promote peace and relaxation, enhance clarity of mind and help reduce stress and anxiety.
Each candle is labelled with the name of the crystal and the energy it brings. Align yourself with the crystal you feel intuitively drawn to or the energy and vibration they emit. 
Crystal keepsake I The crystal in the candle is a keepsake. Please remove it before lighting your candle.
Scent options Available in Opulent, Woody & Earthy or Citrusy, Floral & Aromatic.
Opulent, Woody & Earthy I is a warming, rich and creamy oil blend that grounds, calms and soothes.  If meditating is your thing this is the perfect blend to aid focus, calm and enlightenment. 
Citrusy, Floral & Aromatic I an exquisite harmony of citrus and floral notes with a light herbal soothing undertone to complement and enhance the other oils. The woody base note adds a lingering luxurious, rich, and creamy aroma to the candle.
About Your Candle Each candle is boxed and wrapped with a white ribbon. Included is a Candle Care card to ensure you get the most from your candle and an intuitively chosen IAM affirmation card to encourage and uplift. 
Natural plant-based soy wax is GMO free - 190g, contains no paraffins or unnatural additives. 100% Pure Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Oils. Eco-friendly hand crafted double wood wicks. All candles are hand made with love and may not look exactly like the photograph. 
Vanilla Essential Oil 100% Pure Aromatherapy Oil I The Vanilla Oil we use in our candles has been extracted by solvent extraction of a resinous substance obtained from fermented vanilla beans. This type of Vanilla Oil is used in professional aromatherapy, natural skin care products, and natural perfume and is sometimes sold alongside pure essential oils.
Wood candle jar lids I Are you the sort of person who burns a candle quickly over multiple sessions or saves it for special occasions? If you are the latter, we highly recommend you purchase a premium grade rubberwood candle lid. Not only will it protect your candle from collecting dust and dirt but it will also preserve the aroma from evaporating. 
* Do your research and play it safe when using products with essential and aromatherapy oils.  If pregnant, or you think you might be, consult your physician before use. Additionally, some individuals or pets may be sensitive to the oils in the environment.