Your Candle

What's in your candle?
The wax in your candle is natural plant-based soy wax is GMO-free and contains no paraffin or unnatural additives (not even sneaky little amounts of unnatural additives). It is also Vegan and Kosher.
Once the candle has been lit the soy wax surface may not remain smooth. It is not a flaw in the product and will not affect the scent or performance of your candle.
Frosting on the wax is a natural and unique effect of soy wax. The wax is trying to return to its normal form and as a result, begins to crystalise. This won't affect the performance of the candle and means your wax is 100% natural!
Wood wicks 
Over time we have tried several different wood wicks and have settled with wooden booster wicks which are thicker and can add a more vertical flame than the single-ply or dual wicks. They are eco-friendly and handcrafted. We love that they add an extra dimension to the candle with their crackling ambience.
Wood wicks take a little more effort than cotton wicks, but they are worth it! It’s important to know that typically, their flame is a low-smouldering horizontal flame which will be less bright than a cotton wick and will require attention and tender loving care. The wooden booster wicks in our candles can add a more vertical flame than the single-ply or dual wicks. 
Lighting a wood wick 
Wood wicks take longer to light than cotton wicks. If it doesn't light the first time, just keep lighting it until it stays lit. It may take 2 or 3 times to light, so patience is required. Tilt the jar on its side to allow the flame to run up the wick.
Wood wicks are like lighting a fire so make sure you use extra long matches or a gas lighter to light your wood wick.
Every wood wick will burn differently and not all wicks supplied by the manufacturers are exactly the same. If there is a slight variance in the thickness and size of the wicks supplied by the manufacturer it may cause the flame to vary in size. Wooden wick candles prefer to be kept out of draughts and burnt indoors.
Burning your candle
The first burn is very important. Allow enough time for the wax pool to go all the way to the edge of the jar. This will prevent tunnelling and help the candle burn evenly. Allow up to one hour for minis and up to three to four hours for medium-sized candles for this to happen.
Trim charred ends with a wick trimmer before relighting, or pinch off with your fingertips. By removing the burnt wood it will help the candle to remain lit and prevent smoking.
Use a damp cloth to remove any soot build-up on the jar or dust on the wax.
If the flame is weak remove excess wax. Keep away from draughts. 
If the flame is too high the common cause is that the wick is too long and needs to be trimmed. Remember every wood wick will burn differently.
Essential and Aromatherapy Oils
The oil blends are created not only for their beautiful aroma but equally, for the feelings the oils invoke, the energetic and physical healing properties they provide and where in the body the oil relates.
We use 100% Pure Essential Oils and Pure Aromatherapy Oils. The Vanilla Oil in our blends is an Essential Oil 100% Pure Aromatherapy Oil.  Vanilla beans need a solvent in order to release their aromatic compounds. Therefore, they cannot be called essential oils. The oil of Vanilla from our New Zealand supplier is extracted by solvent extraction of a resinous substance obtained from fermented vanilla beans. This type of Vanilla Oil is used in professional aromatherapy, all-natural skin care products and natural perfume, and is sometimes sold alongside pure essential oils. 
The crystal in the candle is your keepsake. We've lovingly placed it on top of the wax so it can easily be removed. Please remove it before lighting the candle.
Our crystal supplier is passionate about ensuring they put good business practices before profit. They put a lot of work into finding suppliers with good sustainable practices, happy and healthy staff, and a shared ethos.
Flower petals
The flower petals have been grown spray-free in New Zealand and are Certified Organic by certified global producers. The flowers are handpicked and lovingly tended in appreciation of nature's beauty. 
Over time the flower petals will inevitably fade. Sometimes the orange and yellow petals may leach into the wax, but this doesn't affect the quality of the candle.
Note: all candles are handmade with love and may not look exactly like the pictures. Crystals will vary in shape and size.