Raw crystal candles created with heartfelt intent.

A luxurious gift experience to encourage, uplift and inspire.

Affirmations to encourage and empower.

Raw crystals to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Essential oils to invoke love, peace and joy.

  • Chakra Series

    Aligned with the seven main chakras. Affirmations to empower. Raw crystals to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Scents to invoke love, peace and joy.
  • Wellbeing Series

    Wellbeing Series I Inspires wellness of body, mind and spirit.
    The Wellbeing Series is all about the crystals! Harness the healing energy and vibration of the crystals to promote wellbeing and balance: physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Remembrance Series

    The Remembrance Series has been created to honour the memory of loved ones who have passed. To pay tribute, reflect and signify remembrance that their memory burns bright.
  • Pure Series I Body & Massage Oil

    Using the finest essential and organic carrier oils our beautiful oil blend in the Pure Series provides healing properties both physically and emotionally.
  • Affirmation Cards

    A gift to empower, encourage, uplift and inspire.  
    Affirmations can help create positive changes in your thinking, help eliminate limiting self-beliefs and replace them with new empowering thoughts.
  • Healing Gift Packs

    Healing gift packs created to offer comfort and healing to those who are experiencing grief, sorrow and sadness.
  • Selenite Charging Plates and Mini Wand

    These beautiful Moroccan charging plates, discs and wands can be used to cleanse and clear energy from your crystals, stones and jewellery.
  • Bracelets

    Crystals work to promote good energy; physical, emotional and spiritual healing; and can realign subtle energies. Harness the energy and vibration of the crystal along with setting your own intentions to attract and manifest what your heart desires.
  • Chakra Box Set

    The Chakra Box Set includes seven raw chakra crystals, Palo Santo stick to cleanse and clear negative energy and a Palo information card.
  • Crystal Hearts

    Instilled with love. Crystal hearts are both beautiful physically and energetically.  Their heart shape resonates with the Heart chakra and invokes love, joy, happiness and compassion.